Sacred Games 2: What actually happened at the end?

Goes without saying people, this feature does contain SPOILERS. Do continue to read if you want to rush through the entire season.


Hi KT followers, yes been a long time but surely had to comeback in full form of course.

So, the talk of the town and on whats everyone’s mind even though it’s been a few weeks (dropping the article late because myself and others are still trying to catch up and to finish the series of course) is the second season of Sacred Games. Memes and the trolling from binge watchers from the premiere night have either ruined the ending or spoiled the season for many but the rest of course still had to see the season who have religiously followed the first.

The second season picks up straight from the previous with Gaitonde escaping prison and Sartaj still trying to save the city thumb-less. Season two more focuses on the sacred element of the plot with establishing characters such as Guruji with also bringing new characters to the plot such as Batya (played by Kalki Koechlin) and Shahid Khan (played by Ranvir Shorey) expanding the nexus behind the D-Day attack.

Gaitonde and Sartaj in this season find a common practice – Guruji’s ashram. In which they begin to release their traumas to feel lighter to function, accepting their own flaws which they both slowly become devotees to the same ashram in their perspective timelines. Which becomes the crux of the story, two people trying to save the city but falling into Sacred trap they find hard to escape while fighting their own demons.

The biggest question since ‘Katappa ne Bahubali ko kyu maara?’ is ‘Did Sartaj save Mumbai or not?’ . In the final episode which we all saw,  while attempting to defuse the bomb they are stuck with pattern password where they are struggling to deactivate the bomb. You know – the similar pattern passwords we have on our Android phones – yes the same is on this nuclear bomb.

A very strange senior official women tries 2 attempts thinking she’s trying to access her child’s phone but then realises – “oh damn, I’ve tried this before. It’s not happening let’s run”. Shahid Khan beaten and threatened to spill the password but unfortunately he takes it to his grave. Sartaj on the other hand who just luckily happens to bring the latest granth ‘Kaal Granth’ along with him figures that there could be a connection and it might work. On the final attempt, he tries his father’s handprint pattern to defuse the bomb which we get a 3..2..1….Blank Screen. Great.

So did Sartaj save the city? Did the city blow? According to the writers (even the creators who are possibly are planning a third season) have left the ending purposely ambiguous. But there are certain theories that point out what might and what might not have happened. Let’s take a look.

Theory 1:

Gaitonde chose Sartaj as a saviour for the city. Remember during the development of the bomb? Gaitonde was there along with Malcolm and Shahid Khan so there could be a possibility he knew what the pattern or password was. Out of thousands, Gaitonde mentions that he could only trust Sartaj to save the city. But could there be a possibility that Gaitonde knew that Dilbagh’s handprint being the password for the bomb could only be deactivated by his son. Hence he purposely called him, killed himself and purposely left the ‘Kaal Granth’ there? Possibly.

Does one remember the one who was one who the most hesitant when giving his hand for Satya Yug? Dilbagh Singh. Do you remember, when Dilbagh Singh was attempting to leave the Satya Yug meeting, Guruji signalled him to sit down (as the others who left were killed) this could mean that Dilbagh Singh was the chosen one. Guruji could see the goodness in his eyes but possibly to make the plan ‘fail-proof’ they had him killed so that he or no one else would know what the password was.

Theory 2:

The pattern Shahid Khan and Sartaj enter are two different patterns. Take a look:

Shahid Khan’s pattern:


Sartaj’s Pattern:


This means that Sartaj having the blind faith in his father’s handprint made him fail meaning the end of the city and the end of well….everyone.


Theory 3:

There is a possibly that the pattern to active and deactivate the bomb could be DIFFERENT. Doesn’t necessary mean both are the same. So quite possibly Dilbagh’s handprint could have been the password to deactivate the bomb and Sartaj has saved the city.

Theory 4:

Not many had noticed at the beginning with the Shahid Khan’s mother requesting him to take her to the Golden Temple and 1947 Partition flashback revealing that Shahid Khan’s mother is actually a born Sikh who was kidnapped and forced into a Muslim family. Later also revealing that the small girl in the front of the car is actually Sartaj’s mother, making Shahid Khan and Sartaj first cousins. (Eventualy leading for Sartaj to kill his own brother)

Shahid Khan promises his mother that he will take her to the Golden Temple, maybe because he knows she is a Sikh and is aware of her background. This is the only point where we see a more softer human side to a monster like Shahid, where his emotions begin to run. Possibly, Shahid also knows that his Uncle, Dilbagh Singh is also a part of the movement. Possibly, while creating the bomb he created the deactivating password as his Uncle’s handprint. Possibly.

Theory 5:

Things could have also gone completely the other way round. There is a possibility that Sartaj and Gaitonde have been sucked into Guruji’s cult so much that they are ensuring D-Day to happen. As much as Gaitonde wanted to be away from the cult but for him it’s too late to realise that he’s a complete convert – the voice in his mind will not go. Gaitonde informs Sartaj about the plan and tells him to save the city, he later hears Guruji’s voice of saying ‘Balidaan dena ho ga’ – you realise Guruji had appointed Gaitonde to sacrifice himself with Bombay. When going to the new yug, you have to sacrifice the most dearest thing, in this case the dearest thing Guruji sacrificed with the city was Gaitonde.

On the other hand, Sartaj slowly now becoming the new convert sees Batya similarly how Gaitonde sees Guruji. In this timeline, Batya is pretty much the new Guruji. So the dearest thing to Batya is Sartaj, which means another sacrifice to go to the Yug which is why she tricks him into going to the bomb and we see Sartaj’s feel for her for sparing her alive.

Which explains Sartaj’s final words ‘Aham Brahmasmi’. Why would he say this when he has abandoned the cult? It’s because he has realised he has given himself up to the cult and he is become the sacrifice to the next Yug. Hence why he sees the ghost of his fellow ‘comrade’ Gaitonde telling him they are successful.


Theory 6:

As the name of the eighth episode is Radcliffe, those who don’t know about Radcliffe, The Radcliffe Line was the boundary demarcation line between the Indian and West Pakistani portions of Punjab and the other one is East Pakistan (now Bangladesh) Bengal provinces of British India. Now have a look of The Radcliffe Line (Yellow Colour) on the map which resembles the two pattern drawn as passwords for Nuclear Bomb.



This of course seems like a deliberate attempt of bring the two patterns together making one seem as Active and the other as a possible deactivate password from the end of the border.

Theory 7:

Guruji narrates the story of the war between Demons and Demigods wherein Indra sends Kacha to spy on the Demons. Kacha who is tasked with retrieving the Mrit Sanjeevani from Shukracharya falls in love with his daughter but ultimately uses it to retrieve the Sanjivani.

Similarly, Sartaj’s father could be the Kacha in this situation who was a spy in the ashram all along. Even Sartaj plays out this story to some extent in the present timeline where he enters the ashram with a hidden motive, eventually stealing the ‘Kaal Granth’ from Batya. What could explain that actually Dilbagh and Sartaj were born destined to save the city similar to Guruji’s story as Demigods, Dilbagh not exactly being successful but him telling his son in vision that ‘you can try your best’.


Theory 8:

Funny enough a possibility that the patterns in the book had nothing to do with the pattern passwords for the bomb but more to do with their Star Signs. Look at the following:

Trivedi’s pattern – Scorpio

Gaitonde’s pattern – leo

Malcolm’s pattern – Sagittarius


This completely changes the theory of Dilbagh’s handprint being the password but just happened to be in the ‘Kaal Granth’ as his star sign.


If the creators do not decide to conclude the story by making a third season, we can honestly say it would be the most talked about open end plots for years to come and even more theories will be figured. As the creators are currently saying, all their energies went towards making the second season and currently they don’t have any idea if they want to continue or not, but if the time and plot is right they certainly will. Lets see. Either we will see an apocalyptic Mumbai (which would be interesting) or Sartaj trying to deal loose ends as many things needed to be tied up.






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